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Case Study - Why testosterone therapy alone won't work for health and sexual orgasm?
Reader: 9/13/1999>
I am on Testosterone replacement therapy but it isn't working too well because of high levels of estradiol convrsion. You say that soy can help.
Why does plant estrogen like soy help solve the problem of aromatisation? it's still an estrogen isn't it?
I'm very confused!
Dr. Lin: 9/13/1999>
Action of plant estrogen (also know as Phytoestrogen or Isoflavones) in soy on the cells and nerves is completely different from estradiol (animal estrogen). Plant estrogen targets the liver, adrenal cortexes, kidneys and prostate (ovaries), and strengthen their functions. You may have heard that Isoflavones kills the prostate cancer for Mike Milken (Junk Bond King) and Dr. Andrew Grove (Chairman of Intel), and solve leukemina for Ms. Christina Pirello (Hostess of PBS's Christina Cooks). Some theories of the Isoflavones actions are given in Newsweek, Novermber 30, 1998, PP.60-66, one year after I published our results in this website.
Isofalvones balances the endocrine function and expel excessive estrogen out of the body. Soy, seeds, nuts and beans contain heavy Isoflavones.
Young people who eat too much seeds and nuts will get acne, which means the testosterone level in the bloodstream override the estrogen level. Many years ago, my wife and I tested one of the products we sell called Estroven which is originally marketed for the female menopause, we got acne in a week! These results prove that Isoflavone will elevate the testosterone level and expel the excessive estrogen out of the body.
SO, you use Isoflavone, soy protein, and the liver/adrenal extracts to power the liver and adrenal functions to balance the estrogen level and elevate the terstosterone level at the same time. Our products contain these ingredients to power the liver and adrenal functions in the first place before adding DHEA and any testosterone precursors to the system. We must protect the liver in any way as we can.
The weak liver function will convert testosterone or its precursors into estrogen. This is known as aromatisation or aromatization. That is, my formuals will never overload the liver. That is why I use the herbal cocktail to take care of the liver in addition to the animal liver extract.
No liver function, no testosterone burst and burning in support of a hard erection and prolonging intercourse.
The Liver is the preliminary SEX ORGAN. This is what the conventional (western) doctors don't know!
Medication and street drugs, alcohol, smoking, and hormone therapies strike the liver very hard! All the drugs have this common side effect which has always been ingored by FDA, so that they can solve one special problem but create more problems for the long-term patients.
Obviously, your testosterone therapy has deactivated your liver function as well.
In addition, the erectile mechanism is mediated by the synthesis of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the prostate and penile tisstues. Testosterone help the continuous synthesis of NO and increase the production of the major neurotransmitter Acetlycholine (ACh) which is also a factor affecting the NO synthesis, but your body must have sufficent NO-production ingredients such as L-arginine and Choline. Generally, the aging or aged body can not produce sufficient L-arginie and choline for the synthesis of NO. That is the main problem of erectile dysfunction. Also, the aging and aged bodies produce too much stress hormones that balck out the Ach receptors in the prostate and penis tissues and dislink the parasympathetic comminuation between the brain/nervous system and the prostate/penis. Without acuation of the parasymthetic function, your penis will never erect at all.
ViaPal-hGH packages were formulated to take care of all the possible causes. Select one of ViaPal-hGH packages (items 3-009/012) to solve your problem, as listed in
NOTE: Excessive testosterone in the prostate will cause prostate pain, resulting premature ejaculation. Binding too much testosterone in the hormonal receptors of the prostate will result in prostate enlargement. Plant hormones in ViaPal-hGH will help free testosterone from the hormonal receptors and prevent overheating of the prostate! That is why porn movies will cause premature ejaculation for young men.
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