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Case Study: Penile Enlargement Exercise results in penile shrinkage and no sexual orgasm
Reader 1: 2/12/2000>

Hello Dr. Lin. I hope that you can help me to shed some light what what could be wrong and is there any solution for me to try. Here's my problem. About 2 months ago (I don't really know why I did this but I did), I decided that I wanted to try to enlarge the size of my penis using a natural method that I found on the net. I believe that you are allready of this program because they sound like the same exercises in your case study #8563. Lengthening, jelquing, hardening and ejaculation control, male kegeling, etc are all exercises in the old manual of the program that I bought into. In addition to these exercise, there is a new revise manual with a different exercise which I will try to copy and paste in order you to understand my situation. This information is copyrighted.
Exercise 1.
(The reader's e-mail includes the Copyrighted Document which is omitted here!)

For the next 2-4 week after getting these manuals I set out to put some of these exercises into practise to see what would happen to my size. Betweem all of the exercises focused my attention on the exercise (Explain Above) and the lengtheing exercise and alittle of the jelging exercise. A first everything was going good with all the exercise that I was doing and I thought I could see some small increases in my size.
But then things started to change and didn't like what was happening so I completely stopped doing the exercises. While I was still doing the exercises I noticed that the strenghts of my erection were starting to be weaker than I normally get, also it was getting harder for me to get an erection in the first place. I also noticed that there was more foreskin around my gland (yes I am circumised), and during the course of my days it would completely enclose around the head of my penis and would have to be manually removed. (Not a very pleasant feeling let me tell you). All of this is why I decided to stop, at least for awhile , in the hope that the problems would go away.
But that was almost a month ago from the time that I stoped doing the exercises. I e-mailed the author or the creator of the enlargement website and explained my situation. He wrote back stating that it was not uncommon after starting a program like this. Then he suggested that I should start to take some herbal supplements that are explained in his manual (such a Ginko Biloba along with St. John's Wort, and also to try L-Arginine and L-Lysine,. But I have not as of yet try any of these supplement and have since come across your site and thought that you might be the one to talk to about my situation. Above the problems that I've already explained to you, I also a few other ones, and none of which are good one. First of all I hardly have no sex drive and its driving my girlfriend crazy because she doesn't understand my situation and what I am going through. Secondly I hardly get any more night time or morning erection, all of which I got on a regularly bases before I stared the exercises.Like I said before it's harder and takes longer for me to get any erection (they are no longer spontanous erections), and once I have one I am not able to keep it for as long as before and this is very frustrating for me.
I am still able to have intercourse but there is something missing. Apart from not be able to get as hard or for as long as before, the sensitivity of my ejaculation or organism is not as intense as it use to be before.
It doesn't hurt for me to urniate or any thing like that but I have notice dicoloration of the head of my penis. It more of a blueish-red color especially on the underside of the head. I don't quite remember but I don't think it was this blueish before. It almost feels like the blood circulation to the head is not as it should be. And throughout the course of the day, I have a slight burning or cold (its hard to describe) sensation around the head, but luckly this doesn't happen every day, (more like every other day or so).
That pretty well it for my problems so far and I was hoping that they would all go away after stoping the exercises, but they haven't yet. My girlfriend can't really see any difference and says that its because of my stressful life and the fact that I don't sleep very well a night, but I don't believe this is the case because I've been stressed and have had a lack of sleep for many years and only started to noticed the problems since starting the exercises. I went to the doctor today cause I noticed the my gland was more blueish for some unknown reason, after going to the bathroom. After a 5 minute examination, he could not see any problem at that particular moment but say I should get a complete medical with my family doc in the next week or so just to be on the safe side. Big surprise, I really didn't think he would be able to help me in the first place but I thought I should go anyway just to make my friends happy. And so now I turn to you to answer my concerns. First, is all of this because I was doing the exercises too hard or the wrong way all together. I just don't know. I've talked to other participants using a similar program (vs chat line)to see if they have incounter similar problems, but have found no others. So why has this happened to me. I am 36 and don't need this in my life. Can you please help me either with your products, advice or both. I am desprite at this point. I just love your web site and have found it very informative. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future and would like to thank you in advance. Thanks again.
Dr. Lin:2/13/2000>

You are enterring the middle life transition. Your endocrine function can not produce a testosterone burst and burning to charge your parasympathetic sexual nerve that actuates your erection.
After you do the penile enlargement exercise, your parasympathetic sexual nerve is empty because the stimulated erection has used up your bioelectric energy which is supposed to be charged by a testosterone burst and burning.
In fact, the more you force your penis to erect with the penile enlargement exercise, the more your penis shrinks. The reason: You have insufficient HGH, testosterone and DHEA to charge your parasympthetic sexual nerve to produce a acetylcholine action (the Yin Chi in the Chinese Medical Concept.) This exercise is similar to the Penile Vacuum Pumping. After vacuum pumping, you will no longer be able to re-eject your penis to a hard stage for 1-2 days, and the flaccid penis is actually shrunk and wrinkled. This is what you got with the Penile Enlargement Exercise. My readers e-mailed these manuals like yours.
You can forget any penile enlargement exercises which never work.
The three penile cyclinders are the spongy blood balloons, the elasticity of the penile tissues determine how much the penile shaft can be ballooned up, and the bioelectric level of the parasympthetic sexual nerve, charged by the testosterone burst and burning, is the main energy source to actuate a high-blood pressure to inflate the penile balloon.
You need ViaGrowth-III/Fibra (item 1-004) and Ginseng Power Max 4X (item 2-007) to power your parasympathetic nervous function.
Also read
which teach you how to use the pubis to proudce piezoelectric energy to charge your parasympathetic sexual nerve, and how to stimulate the two major nerves in the superior cyclinders to expand the penis.

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