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Case Study: Prostate Over-stress due to over-masturbation or/and "the multiple-orgasmic man" practice results in premature ejaculation and quick sexual orgasm!
Reader 1: 2/21/2000>
I am a 27 year old man. Whilst younger from the age of 11 I masturbated frequently (almost every night) and found I could last a long time before orgasm, even when using pornography which excited me a great deal. I then read Mantak Chia's books "the multi orgasmic man" and "taoist secrets of love" in these books he advises that you masturbate to the point just before orgasm and then contract the PC muscle to prevent loss of semen while trying to draw the sexual energy up your spine. I have spent hours practicing his methods and have hovered at the point just before orgasm for a long time. I have sometimes felt orgasmic energy moving around my body. Now I suffer from premature ejaculation. When with a woman the moment she touches me I begin to ejaculate. This sometimes happens even when my penis is completely flaccid. My penis feels completely oversensitised around the PC/prostate area. Even if I gain an erection I can only go a very short time before I ejaculate. This I find very embarassing. Please tell me what I should do to heal myself so that I can make love and masturbate for a long time before ejaculating. Many thanks
Dr. Lin:2/22/2000>

This practice or/and over-masturbation may cause:
1. blood congestion that trapped too much stress hormones in the prostate and its surrounding muscle - the blood is trapped by poor blood circulation in the grions and perineum area;
2. development of too many hormone receiptors in the prostate to trap testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
Blood congestion in the prostate muscle will produce too much pressure againt the prostate glans; too much stress hormones trapped in the prostate and its muscle will cause pain in the perineum area - like the stress pain in your shoulders and neck when you views your PC screen too long with the same posture.
You can not control your ejaculation with a high pressure and pain against your prostate. Please read
for my personal experience and solution.
Another problem associated with the masturbation practice as well as Over-Masturbation is to bring too much testosterone to the prostate for burning into DHT. It is like you excerising the muscles to develop more hormonal receiptors there. Your won't have problems with the over-developemnt of the hormonal receiptors in the prostate if your diet intake contains a lot of plant estrogen or hormones that help disbind testosterone and DHT from the prostate tissue. Otherwise, over-trapping of testosterone and DHT will results in swelling the prostate too much during sexual excitement, and in overheating the prostate and penile sensory and sympathetic-motor nerves to promote ejaculation.
You need ViaGrowth-I/Fibra (1-002) and Ginseng Power Max 4x (2-007) to help you out,
It have taken months or years for you to get to this points and will take a while for you to reverse this problem.
By the way, you have to change your diet to pro-soy/nuts/seeds/vegetables/fruits, which gives your more plant hormones to rejuvenate and cool down your prostate. Please limit your beed intake to 1/4 pounds and cow milk to 500 cc a day. Don't acify your blood and body with beef and cow milk.

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