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Based upon "Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms - Tao Of Love Coupling"
by Newman K. Lin, Ph.D., PE, a bridge between the Eastern Taoism Sexuality and the Western Engineering Science.==> [ORDERING THE BOOK]< =>[Why?]
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This is a bio-medical engineering book having more than 300 pages burned into a CD-ROM for easy shipping and handling. It bridges the Chinese medical concept and western neural science. You have to use a web browser to read it ( in HTML format). Its contents include the engineering principles and wave mechanics of orgasms in the brain/nervous systems associated with the acupuncture energy channels; the 3-point Excitation Principle; Finger Pliers Method; vagal/parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous responses to stimulation in the hypothalamus-pitutary-adrenal and -testicular/-ovarian axis; classical Taoism energy circulation for sympathetic nervous control and destructive interference in the prostate, uterus and urethra; massage which turns the skin to a neuro-endocrine organ for enhancing vitality, resolving the body pains/cramps,  rejuvenating the damaged tissues, & producing ballooning effects; cupping massage blood decongestion for pain and cramp release; anal breathing method to turn on the vagal/parasympathetic/serotonin/GABA nervous control in the pelvic cavity (including the prostate, bladder, uterus, rectum and so on); traditional/classical world cultural herbal for health and energy; ...
Note for international shipping: The CD-ROM will be relabeled as "Healing Arts" for custom inspection.

My discovery of the the 3-point Excitation Principle  (in 1977) and the Finger Pliers Method (in 1974), based upon about the vagal nervous connection between the uterus/cervix and the hypothalamus-pituitary axis, for powerful orgasm generation was copyrighted in 1997, while the academic proof of the vagal afferents from the uterus and cervix was given in 1999 - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9931352 

0. He said ' Hi! I ordered your cd and i'm very glad that i did it! Thank you for making such a good work! ... I gave her three explosions of resonant orgasms each one ranging from 20 to 35 seconds.'  to burn out her acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA nervous system  and to let her experience sexual exhaustion symptoms, including tiredness,  aggression, anger, mood swings and leg cramps, due  too many sexual exhaustion orgasms.  Please Don't not use Dr. Lin's sexual tricks so many orgasms so many times in one love session!
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He said 'I have used your 2-Point Excitation (hand) and the results have been fantastic for my lady... She has told me that it was the most intense intimate experience she has had.' for her most powerful sexual orgasms!
Epicenter orgasm drives her crazy and produces more oxytocin, far beyond the G-spot orgasm can
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He said ' I came upon your site in 2000 when I was sexually insecure and wanted to prolong my lovemaking. I ejaculated too quickly and this caused many problems in my love life. Since 2000, I have practiced your methods of multiple male sexual orgasm and have succeeded greatly! I now have as many as 6-10 orgasms during intercourse and, since mastering the techniques of tailbone usage to stimulate the prostate without ejaculation, can continue to make love for a nearly unlimited amount of time. ' Dr. Lin's great invention of sexual orgasm technologies for loving couples.
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She said 'After using your products, I can now have an orgasm much more easily.' without using a vibrator. solution for repair of vibrator-induced clitoral nervous damage (over-sensitive nervous endings) for better sexual orgasm.
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He said ' She exploded! 14 days after quitting birth control, she finally had an orgasm... and it was a huge one. She initiated the sex act, which I was not even going to try again for a while. After everything was erected, I kept the rhythm steady at 2.5 hz. Within two minutes, she erupted! Thank you so much.'  with Dr. Lin's resonant excitation of sexual orgasm
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She said 'i was referred by a good friend who is using your product and is extremely happy with it..' On rejuvenation of the hypothalamus-pituitary oxytocin release, the repair of the vibrator-induced clitoral and G-spot damage, and the resolution of the eating disorder, bulimia, for sexual orgasm ==> http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case15211.htm
He said ' My wife had very powerful second orgasm that lasted a long time, about 25-35 seconds, which is about 3 times longer than normal for her intercourse orgasm. ' with vagina/cervix screwing,  penile ballooning, anal breathing, and 3-point excitation method for his powerful erection and her multiple sexual orgasms
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He said ' Hi! I ordered your cd and i'm very glad that i did it! Thank you for making such a good work! ... I gave her three explosions of resonant orgasms each one ranging from 20 to 35 seconds.'  to burn out her acetylcholine, serotonin and GABA nervous system  and to let her experience sexual exhaustion symptoms, including tiredness,  aggression, anger, mood swings and leg cramps, due  too many sexual exhaustion orgasms.  Please Don't not use Dr. Lin's sexual tricks so many orgasms so many times in one love session!
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*She said 'following your advice my husband has a new penis' and 'I had 30% less flow - relief' from heavy menstruation with your CD-ROM and products. For better sexual orgasm
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Resonant Excitation Of Sexual Orgasms - Tao Of Love Coupling
by Newman K. Lin, Ph.D., PE(click here about the author)
US$40.00, for the CD ROM Version, ISBN 0-9664827-1-9, LCN 98-85179 (Promotion Price - US$22.00! )
US$80.00, for Hardcover with fully colorful printing for every graphs and pictures - ISBN 0-9664827-0-0, LCN 98-85179 (Sorry, Not Ready for ordering and shipping )

> Text - .htm, Compatible to the Internet Browser.
> Picture/Graph - .jpg (least compression, best resolution) and .gif - TOTAL 127 files for JPG and GIF, separately.
> Audio - .wav - TOTAL 5 files.
> Video - .avi - TOTAL 9 files


Appendix (CD-ROM Version Only)
A. Sexercises - Sex-Exercise (AVI files, No Sounds)
1. Training The Vagina Muscle
2. The Low Abdomen Exercise For Sexual Muscle Power - For Both Men & Women.
B. Sexual ChiKong Demonstration Series (AVI files - Motion Picture and Sound Files, Except Seris 1,2 & 7))
( Note: Series 4, 5 and 6 are the demonstrations of Trans-Harmonic excitation and multiple sexual orgasms)
1. Demonstration Of The Vagina Muscle Power I - Moving An Egg ( No Sound)
2. Demonstration Of The Vagina Muscel Power II - Cutting A Banana (No Sound)
3. Demonstraction of Contracting the Vagina Muscle During Intercourse (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse).
4. Double-body Motion Technique - Horizonal Thrusts for 2-point Excitation (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse to Multiple, Sexual Orgasms ).
5. Double-body Motion Technique - An Alternate of the 3-point Excitation Method (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse to Multiple, Sexual Orgasms).
6. The Method Of Resonant Excitation - Standard 3-point Excitation Method (Sexual ChiKong Intercourse to Multiple, Sexual Orgasms)
7. Sexercise with the Method Of Resonant Excitation (No Sound, Slow Motion for Demonstration of Sexual ChiKong Intercourse.)
8. Advanced Coitus Alignment Technique (CAT), (No Sound)
9. Reversed CAT, (No Sound)
C. Voice Responses To Multiple, Sexual Orgasms, Including Sexual ChiKong Breathing (WAV Files - Sound)
1. Sound Waves Of Multiple, Sexual, Orgasms (up to 20 Cycles)
2. Sound Waves Of Multiple, Sexual Orgasms.
3. Sound Waves Of Multiple, Sexual Orgasms, With The Finger Plier Method
4. Sound Waves of Multiple, Sexual Orgasms - Synchronous Excitation (Record 1, U. of Florida, Gainesville, 1977).
5. Sound Waves of Multiple, Sexual Orgasms - Synchronous Excitation (Record 2, U. of Florida, Gainesville, 1977).
(D). More Useful Love Positions - 17 Picture Files (Photo Frames) of Special Sexual Technique/Positions.

  • 1. INTRODUCTION (6 Photo Frames in 10 Picture/Graph Files, )
  • 1.1 What is the "Tao of Love Coupling"?
  • 1.2 Resonant Excitation And Multiple Sexual Orgasms
  • 1.3 The Origin Of the "Tao of Love Coupling"
  • 1.4 Benefits From The Love Coupling
  • 1.5 Sexual Behaviors Of Animals And Human Beings
  • 1.6 The Engineering Principles, Automatic Nervous System, and Sexual Orgasm
  • 1.7 The Effect of Sacral Nerves on Sexual Response

  • 2. THE SEXUAL NATURES OF MEN AND WOMEN(50 Photo Frames in 32 Picture/Graph Files)
  • 2.1 The Sex Engine
  • 2.2 The Male And Female Trigger Zones, G-spot, Clitoris and Sexual Energy Gates
  • 2.3 The Female Sexual Potential - Female Body As A Sexual Volcano
  • 2.4 The Male Sexual Potential - The Penis Clock
  • 2.5 Premature Ejaculation - Prevention With Body/Mind Training
  • 2.6 The Principles Of Prolonging Intercourse And Enhancing Erection
  • 2.7 Delay Of The Female Sexual Orgasm
  • 2.8 The Resonantly Sexual Orgasm- The Principle And The Female Response
  • 2.9 Conditions For The Woman To Achieve Resonant Orgasms In One Minute
  • 2.10 Excitations Of Female Sexual Orgasms And Coastal Edge Waves - An Experimental Comparison
  • 2.11 Love Positions For Developing The Female Sexual Energy and Resonant Orgasm
  • 2.12 Sex Busters
  • 3. TECHNIQUES FOR THE RESONANTLY SEXUAL ORGASMS (21 Photo Frames in 22 Picture/Graph Files)
  • 3.1 Exploration Of The Methods For The Woman To Achieve Orgasm In One Minute
  • 3.2 The Method Of 3-point Excitation (Resonant Orgasms) - Using Penis and Pubic Borne
  • 3.3 The Method Of Finger Pliers - Using Two Fingers
  • 3.4 The Interacting Forces Between The Penis And Vagina - For Prolonged Intercourse.
  • 4.1 Screwing Technique
  • 4.2 Double-body Motion Technique
  • 4.3 Sexercise For Women To Practice The Sexual ChiKong During Intercourse
  • 5.1 What is the Sexual ChiKong?
  • 5.2 Sexual ChiKong And The Resonant Orgasms
  • 5.3 The Sexual ChiKong For Men
  • 5.4 The Sexual ChiKong For Women
  • 5.5 Practicing the Sexual ChiKong During Intercourse
  • 5.6 ChiKong Demonstration
  • 5.7 Daily Sexercise For Health Future
  • 6.1 The Secret of Ejaculation Control for Men
  • 6.2 The Secret of Multi-Orgasm Excitation for Women
  • 6.3 The Secret Of Powering Up The Penis For Multiple, Sexual Orgasms
  • 6.4 The Sexual Meditation or Nap for Improving Sexual Performance

  • 7.1 The Effects of Blood Congestion on The Sexual Response
  • 7.2 Pressure Massage
  • 7.3 Vacuum Cupping Massage
  • 8.1 Beyond Sexual Orgasm - Aging
  • 8.2 Philosophy of Eating and Drinking
  • 8.3 Master Foods For A Super Sex Life
  • 8.4 Herbs For Sex
  • 8.5 Special Recipe For Instantaneous Sexual Power
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