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Your Question: How can I recover from impotence or frigidity?

I understand you and your GF's frustration. I do not know your age. But, I can propose the following solutions for geneneral male problems:
1. Reactivate your blood and Chi (bio-energy) circulations in you genital area - Most effective method for impotence and frigidity:

I believe you need a Vacuum Cupping Massage along the center back from the neck to the tail bone, and around your bottom. In fact, this is my own experience done 4 years ago. I have worked well for me. The Vacuum Cupping Massage is NOT a Vacuum Pumping of the penis. It uses a suction cup to remove your internal blockage of blood congestion around the genital area or you body (For the definition of blood congestion please click here for http://www.linplaza.com/image/fig7-1a.jpg.) Four years ago, I suddenly lose my penis power as you described and I took my own risk to do it. I got it back. I can not mentioned too much about the medical effects of this method in the internet edition because I am afraid of FDA and AMA chasing behind me. It solved all my problems resulting from long term of sitting, back pain, leg and hand numbing, and erection problems. If one sits on chair for a long time every day, sooner or later, he will experience the poor blood or Chi circulations in the genital area, that causes importence. For your convenience, I attach a picutre of the Vacuum Cuping Device including a hand pump and cups of different sizes (only one shown in the picture) and my vacuum cupping picutres.

2. Have sex every morning (or any time you are together) without ejacualtion for 10-15 minutes - The old Taoist method to treat Impotence and Frigidity:

This will re-activate your sexual hormone. Try a gentle motion and different position. This is a old Chinese method to restoring men and women's sexual potential. Sexual problems must be solved by sexual intercourse itself. In fact, I have done since I got married. It was very hard to control my mind initially. However, I had gradually gotten used to having sex every day. I still do it this way now. If you do that, your sexual energy will be built up in two or three days. Do not try to ejaculate if the penis is not hard enough.

3. Massage the root or base of your penis for 5 -10 minutes when you take a shower or bath or wake up for re-enforcing your penis foundation; Massage the Clitoris area and groin to anus to solve frigidity.

4. Eat sea foods (shrimp or oyster) once or twice a week. Eat the foods containing natural hormone substances, forgetting the so-called nutrients! Have more seeds and nuts in your diets.

5. Beware of alcohol and smoking that contain chemicals blocking your blood and Chi circulation to the genital area. Statistical shows that heavier drinkers or smokers will suffer importence or frigidity after middle age. In order to protect my sexual capacity, I have token the advice of my military trainee since I was young.

6. If you are entering, or passing the middle age, you may need the DHEA supplement. DHEA will activate your Kidney Chi responsible for the sexual hormone secretion. If you take DHEA (25 mg), you need diets with heavy dark green vegetables (plant hormones) to suppress the bad (cancer) cell growth. DHEA activates all body cells (good or bad) like a young man. DHEA works very effectively, particularly, with herbs - ViaGrowth-II,-III, and -IV. Try my advices and let me know your results. (As of 6/20/1999, we have released our new ViaGrowth products which are more effectively to reverse aging and shrinking of sex organs for hard erection, ejcaulation control, and male and female multiple sexual orgasms, and to eleminate intercourse or post-orgasm pain/spasm/cramp and sexual exhaustion. You can rejuvenate your body in 3 days with the thousand-year old Chinese Emperor/Empress formula - ViaPal-hGH-D or -X. These formulas will power your brain/nervous/endocrine/live/cardioviscular functions at the same time to restore your health and rejuvenate your body for love. )

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